Rent a friend service

Rent a friend service in Paris   A “friend for hire” service typically involves individuals offering companionship, support, or social interaction for a fee. These services might include accompanying someone to events, providing conversation, or simply being there as a supportive presence. While they can provide temporary companionship, it’s essential to consider the boundaries and […]

We organise your event in a luxury hotel

  Trankility help you to organise your event in a luxury hotel Think big … Organize a private event, a VIP business meeting, a wedding or a bar mitzvah at one of Paris’s grandest hotels or palaces. AN EVENT AT A LUXURY HOTEL Organizing an exceptional corporate event or wedding reception at one of Paris’s deluxe hotels means that […]

Luxury Medical Concierge Paris

Trankility Luxury Concierge Service is one of the leading luxury medical concierge service company in Paris (France). We organise medical care in France and worldwide. At Trankility,  a luxury medical concierge Paris, your clinical care is our priority and our dedicated team is committed to making each health journey a personalized one. We prepare your arrival and your […]

Lifestyle Management Concierge

Lifestyle Management Concierge Life can be very fulfilling and gratifying only when you are exposed to the best ways to explore it in all it’s grandeur and prominence. At Trankility Lifestyle Management Concierge we can boast of a clear and appreciation and understanding of how to live life to its fullest, and making the best use of the resources which nature has […]

Concierge Service : how can we make your life easier ?

  Doing the laundry, the shopping, the cleaning, the tinkering … All these daily tasks take time and require energy, that is why we recommend using our concierge service. At a time when every minute that passes is precious, more and more individuals try to save time by all means. Today’s parents, who are very […]